Find answers to your questions and discover the unrivaled benefits of choosing Green Machine for your training needs.

What experience do we have in Food & Beverage Retail?

ARS has served the industry for 38 years and has been a top-rated vendor of Starbucks for 15+. Our expertise spans from B&G Repair to Facilities, Refurbishment, Construction, and Preventative Maintenance Training.

What is our history of innovation?

ARS manages one of the two nationwide Urn Refurbishment programs and successfully refurbished & put back in service over 20k Bunn servers. Our engineers designed the Bunn brewer steam guard, which has since protected the face of every new brewer. In collaboration with Starbucks facilities leaders, we designed and managed a live preventative maintenance training program for over a decade for the MidAtlantic & NYM.

Is this a prototype or a functioning SAAS offering?

Our platform has been upskilling partners for over 2 years and has been in constant QA and version upgrades since its release. Over 300,000 training videos have been watched on our system, and more than 3,000 courses have been completed.

What do trainees say about our service?

With over 1,200 trainee surveys completed, it seems partners love us as much as we love them! 98% of Store Managers would recommend our product to a peer, 95% feel more supported with access to these tools, and we’re rated as 4.8 out of 5 stars by all trainees =)

How effective is virtual training compared to traditional training methods?

Green Machine's virtual training is designed with modern pedagogical approaches, offering a gamified teaching methodology that makes learning fast and retainable. The training is led by industry experts and is broken down into micro-content modules, which have been proven to aid in better retention compared to traditional, long-form training methods.

How can I track the progress of individual employees or teams?

Green Machine offers Dashboards & Data that allow managers to track progress at various levels including individual trainees, stores, districts, and beyond. It facilitates user-level customization, offering insights and data that can help in tracking performance and identifying training opportunities effectively.

How can Green Machine's virtual training benefit our team and business operations?

Green Machine's virtual training empowers your team with knowledge and skills that lead to increased equipment uptime and reduced service calls, thus helping in allocating your budget towards improvements rather than solving crises. The training modules, which take just 2-10 minutes, provide immediate results, fostering efficiency in training and operations.

What makes the educational content of Green Machine immersive and effective?

Green Machine offers immersive educational content through 3D Equipment Tours and interactive virtual training that leverages technology to increase speed, engagement, and retention in learning. This method not only makes training fun and engaging but has also shown to foster a higher retention rate, ensuring that your team not just learns but retains what they learn.

How is Green Machine ARS different from other training platforms?

Green Machine ARS brings to you over 37 years of industry experience combined with cutting-edge UI/UX innovation, offering a unique platform that is crafted with utmost care for the food & beverage retail industry and its Gen Z employee base. It is a product of a collaborative venture grounded in deep industry expertise and a long-standing friendship, promising a platform that understands your needs deeply and meets them effectively.

Does Green Machine ARS offer support and resources for managerial roles?

Absolutely. Green Machine ARS offers features like Custom Management Dashboards and Experience-Based Leaderboards that not only help in monitoring and evaluating the progress of individual employees but also foster a competitive and efficient work environment. Moreover, it offers live chat support and live monthly open office training, ensuring that managerial roles have all the support and resources they need to lead effectively.

Why should we choose Green Machine for our training needs?

Green Machine stands out as a training platform owing to its cloud-based structure, offering an interactive and engaging learning experience that is fast, fun, and data-rich. The platform not only streamlines the training process but also aids in saving time and resources, making it a cost-effective solution for training retail employees.